Startup Business Plan – Work Process

May 2, 2015

Now, since by now you already know that you will be much, much better off with the services of Business Plans Experts, it’s time to discuss the terms and conditions.


Q: What are the terms of service here? Is there a deposit? How long does it typically take to create a plan?

A: The working process of writing a business plan can be broken down into several steps.


First, we need the answers for our six fundamental questions with regards to the project that we are going to plan. The questions are very simple. We need to know:


  1. The purpose of the business plan
  2. The deadline for delivery
  3. The industry that we will need to research
  4. Whether it’s an existing business or a start-up
  5. What is the amount that you are looking for
  6. The specific allocation of funds – whether it’s going to go towards equipment, R&D, working capital or all of them together.


Once we have the answers to those six questions, we will be able to provide you a clear offer for our services. It will include three sections:

  1. A table of contents, so you’ll know upfront what is that we are offering to deliver in your project.
  2. The number of business days that we will be taking to complete your draft version.
  3. The cost of our services, which will depend mainly on the complexity of the plan itself and the time it will take to compose.

This is the general outline of the proposal that you need to review in order to work with us.

If you are in agreement with our proposal, the next step is an agreement of confidentiality in order to secure any sensitive information that you will be sharing with us. We vouch for your safety and guard your information as if it was ours.

Next, we will sign a service agreement in which we are giving you a commitment towards the deadline and the pricing. We commit to those things, and you get exactly what we promise.

Before we proceed to the working stage, all is left to do is schedule an orientation/interview in order to go through our questionnaire and get all the necessary information to build a solid, working plan. Once those three steps are completed, we are ready to begin working on your business plan.

First a draft is structured, and we will be contacting you to review it. If you have any comments or notes regarding the draft and you’d like us to revise it in any way, we will discuss them and make all necessary revisions, which will be final after that. At this point, and after having received a 50% deposit of the fees total, we will proceed to finalize your startup business plan.

The delivered documents will be both a hard and soft copy. The soft copy will be in Word Document format, and fully editable. The printed hard copy of your project will be hand delivered to you, neat and ready to be presented to the financial institution you will be approaching for funding.

Stay with us and read on for more information about your startup business plan creation process, personalization and other details!

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