Marketing Plan and Budget

September 28, 2014

Marketing plans can do great things for your company and business. If done properly, it will help you to expand and grow while increasing profits for your business. Of course, an important aspect of any good marketing plan for your business is the budget, which is why it is important that business professionals at BPE know how to develop a marketing plan budget.

Know how much you have or want to spend on your business. Before beginning to develop a marketing plan budget for your business it is important that you know how much is available for you to spend or how much you would like to spend on your business. Most people have a rough figure determined beforehand, although the more exact you can get it the better it will be.

Develop a list of what marketing strategies you want to use for your business. A great way to develop this list is to brainstorm different ways you can market or promote your business to your various audiences or target markets. While some of the ideas thrown out during brainstorming may not be possible based on the cost or even feasible to actually act upon, this can help generate unusual ideas and suggestions of ways to market your business for less money.

Break the different strategies of your business into tiers. Once the list has been generated of different strategies, a rough cost estimate should be penciled in next to each strategy you have outlined for your business. This allows you to break the strategies for your business into different tiers based on their overall cost. For example, low cost marketing strategies will be grouped together in this plan. This gives you the opportunity to determine what strategies are possible for your business based on the rough overall figure you have and which would need to be eliminated.

Determine your business’s priorities. It is also important when developing a marketing plan budget for your business to determine what the priorities happen to be. You may find that implementing one or two high cost strategies for your business are more important and effective than several low cost options.

Make strategy cuts to your business plan until you’re within budget. Finally it is important to ensure that your budget for your business’s marketing plan is within the budget you have allotted. This may require making cuts to certain ideas or strategies you originally wanted within your business plan. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a list of cut strategies for your business and ideas for implementation in the future under another business marketing budget.

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