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Business Plan Experts Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated Corporation, helping entrepreneurs around the world with strategic business plan development and market feasibility study since 2006. In just 2-3 business weeks our professionals can create a winning Business/ Marketing / Financial Plan for either a start-up or existing business.

Choose your plan structure

We have written many business plans, and the structure associated with them has proven to be highly effective and successful in the market. Please pick the plan structure for your project from our list. Send us an email with your choice which will be customized later.

Orientation Meeting

We will schedule a free consultation to gather all the details about your project for an immediate business plan development (in person or via phone / Skype conversation). The details are recorded with full care .

Agreement signature

During the same meeting, we will sign a Confidentiality (NDA) and Services agreement after presenting our Business Proposal.

Development of your Business Plan

We will develop the business plan draft and submit it for your review upon completion, including an explanation of our research and analysis outcome results page by page.

Revision phase

If there are any relevant comments or notes to the draft, we will revise the business plan accordingly. The Changes will be made in no time, and the plan is made more suitable in accordance with the needs. The final version of the Business Plan will be ready at this phase.

Final version submission

We will email you the Business Plan editable .doc and .pdf files for the final version of the requested project.

View some sample plans

  • Event Planning Company Business Plan

  • Restaurant-Cafe Franchise Business Plan

  • Security Company Market Research and Feasibility Study

  • Cheese Production Company


Since 2006 we have created many business plans and have had the chance to submit lots of them to local Canadian major lenders for a successful financing approval. Hence the Business Plan Experts team takes pride in the experience of meeting finance Canada institutions criteria in business planning & financing services.

We can certainly guarantee the FULL UNCONDITIONAL REFUND if any of our applications would fail due to the quality of our business plan writing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan or a Business Proposal is a written document based on the entrepreneur vision, how they see their future business functions operating and making a profit – because a business without a profit is a business without a purpose.

There are three main elements in any business plan that we have ever built. 

  • Corporate Plan – Details of proposed business
  • Market research
  • Financial forecast including start-up expenses

The reason is simple. The Corporate plan will describe details of the company, the team and  the products / services that will be involved in the firm .The market research and the Market Analysis will substantiate the necessity of the business to take place in the market, and the financial forecast will explain the numerical basis behind having this business in operations.

In simple words, how will this business generate cash flow profit and make the owners of the business having a reason to operate this business in a long run?

Do you understand what lenders and investors are looking for?

We are affiliated with RBC, BDC, Nova Scotia, TD, CIBC and some other finance Canada institutions. Since 2006 we have successfully supported all of our clients with getting our plans financed.

Are there any particular industries you specialize in?

Our research specialists are capable of researching any industry / market. We use paid and free resources as required. Our market research, Market analysis and the other services that we offer have always been value for your money with no compromise on the standards.


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