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Business Plans For Financing

Get the financing you need with a business plan written by experts. We produce concise, effective business plans, allowing you to get your funds, within the allotted time. The name of the game is to impress your lender, to ensure they believe in you.

100% Bank and Government Ready

We exactly know what criteria are used to evaluate the feasibility of a plan, and we will write yours to exceed them.

No Delays

Why waste hundreds of hours writing a plan that we can compose for you in 5 days? Present it to the bank as soon as possible, get your funding and get to business! We also provide guidance and suggestions on Business plan samples, Business plan templates and Business plan proposals which helps you to save time and have effective results.

Personal Approach & Ongoing Support

You are never alone. A team of in-house professionals working from a centralized office is always at your service. Be it a restaurant business plan or immigration Business plan we are only a phone call away.

Experience and Knowledge

We at Business Plan Experts have composed hundreds of business plans for loans and contributed to the successful financing of many amazing companies. This experience is at your service now.

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  • Business Plan-Cosmetics store

  • Business Plan -Fitness Centre

  • Business Plan- Food Truck

  • Business plan- General Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with financing for my project/business?

Yes, we will assist in getting your project or business financed via bank, government or private lender.

What are your fees for assistance with government and operating funds?

We typically charge one year interest rate of the approved amount as our success finder’s fee.

What are your approach and methods?

  • Expert market analysts will perform a thorough research of the industry and demographic trends, reviewing your competitors, assessing target markets, estimating your product/service strengths and weaknesses, prospect profiles, , using a variety of databases, Statistics Canada and Census data.
  • Our experts will thoroughly analyze your financial figures and prepare a cash flow estimate, income statements, and a balance sheet in accordance with the lender’s requirements.
  • They will also develop the 3-year financial projection tables. We will show that you acknowledge the risk and have plans to manage adverse situations, in order to reassure the lender.

How long it will take to write a Business Plan?

After we clarify and understand all aspects of your business concept, we are normally able to write a draft version of your business plan within 1-2 weeks.

What do I get by dealing with Business Plan Experts?

A solid business plan is your way to secure funds, concentrate your resources and get the results you need. Many good ideas have sunk because of a poorly devised business strategy. Getting a team of Expert Business Planners will make sure you cover all your bases, stumble on no hidden snags and get no surprises on your way to success. Take no shortcuts. Hit the fast lane, instead. Our job is to watch the road for you.

We will give them what THEY expect!

Bankers and financing agencies will look for things that give them confidence in you. Commercial lenders require certain qualifiers from an applicant borrower. This includes a pro forma statement, business plan, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, a personal and/or business resume, and a collateral and personal guarantee by the borrower. Every section of the business plan has to convince a lender that you are confident in your project’s success and will be able to pay off your loan. We will give them what THEY expect!

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