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Daycare Business Planning and Loan Financing

Often we get into business to follow a dream. If you want to open a daycare, then you want to work with kids, not numbers. In order to secure the loan you need to get the daycare dream going, you need sound financial planning, market research and experience in composing business plans.
With Business Plan Experts, this is exactly what you get and more.


100% Sound Numbers

You won’t need to worry about the financial aspect, because we will estimate costs and detailed revenue projections. Our business plan will secure the loan, and help guide your business to financial success.


We have a thorough understanding of the Day Nursery Act. During the last 3 years we have helped 12 daycares with the SBL (CSBFP) full enthusiastic approval.

We take your project Personally

Your daycare is your baby, and your business plan is ours. We will be there - guiding, advising and supporting you every step of the way.

Market Research

To make sure you succeed in getting the Small Business Loan, a thorough market research will be done by our specialists, estimating revenues and gaging the competition. With us, you will not be blindsided.


We save you time while getting you the money. Forget the 400+ hours it takes a new entrepreneur to prepare a business plan. With us, your plan can be ready in a week.

View some sample plans

  • Market Research and Feasibility Study

  • Child Care Business Plan, Feasibility & Market Research

  • Daycare Feasibility Study and Financial Projections Plan Example

  • Art School Business Plan Example

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Business Plan is what I need to get financing for my daycare?

Any lender, whether a bank or an investor, wants to see the money back, and for that they want to know that the business will succeed. With daycares there’s the added responsibility for the well being of children and toddlers. You can’t afford a plan that is less than a 100% perfect.

We at Business Plan Experts will secure you from every angle possible, obtaining and preparing the necessary paperwork and producing a solid plan based on market analysis and sound financial forecasts.

Take no shortcuts – get it right the first time. With us it won’t even slow you down – we know the way.

What points do I need to remember?

  • The financial institution will look for things that give them confidence in your endeavor. The planning therefore has to be meticulous and beyond reproach.
  • Levels of net profitability will be assessed depending on the size and layout of the potential facility to be built for the daycare.
  • A business plan that is aimed at securing financing has to be tailored to the exact requirements of the institution to whom you will present it. We’ve done this many times before and can guarantee a 100% compatibility of your plan with the specific criteria according to which it will be assessed.

Our Modus Operandi

  • The first thing we do is perform a thorough analysis of the market, demand for your service in the area where you intend it to operate and competition. To build well, a reliable foundation should be laid.
  • A cash flow estimate will be created based on your figures and a reliable financial forecast will be drawn.
  • We will prepare it all in a solid document that will impress your lender and secure you the funds.

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