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Hospitality Business Plan Example

Business Plan Example

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Executive Summary

Located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, Company is a retail tour operator and travel agency that creates and arranges special-interest and niche group cruise experiences. Company will create, arrange, market and sell unique,special-interest and niche group experiences on cruise ships. Each cruise attracts individuals with a passion for a hobby or interest who prefer being with like-minded people while enjoying travel aboard a cruise ship. Company’s business objective is to become the leading North American tour operator specializing in custom tailored group cruise experiences.

The continued success of the company is assured in part due to the lasting profitability of its parent company, Company has been creating, arranging and selling group tour packages for over 23 years and possesses a deep understanding of market preferences and capitalization requirements of catering a varied and discerning audience. The company was established to meet the needs of an affluent segment of an older demographic of travellers which prefer to travel in groups and with a purpose in mind.

At the time Company was founded, no other tour operators advertised interest-based, group cruises, and competition remains scarce to date. By applying its unique understanding of the needs of travellers, Company was able to transfer its expertise in designing land trips into catering group excursions at each port, further differentiating itself from potential competitors the expertise of which ends at the port.

Group members book their shore excursion with Company when booking the trip and the custom tailored design of Company’s excursions provide numerous benefits over stock excursions offered by the cruise line. Benefits include a lower-price due to lower margins afforded by the lack of middlemen,smaller group sizes, varied interested-oriented itineraries, flexibility in schedules, the comfort and security of travelling with friends, a trusted escort and added enjoyment of travelling

with fellow group members. As a result of these and other benefits Company offers, the service has proven to be in-bus-based trips provided by Company has arranged seven Caribbean Cruises, three Alaska cruises, three demand, having garnered a loyal customer base which re-purchases and refers their peers. Although supplementary to coach Mediterranean cruises, and numerous group cruises to The Salties, Canada & New England, Hawaii, Panama Canal and Coastal California over the past seven years.

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