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Business Plan Example

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 Executive Summary

Presently the Canadian coffeehouse market is dominated by franchises inspired by the fast-food approach to service. Even Starbucks, often considered to offer the most upscale and gourmet coffee experience in Canada, offers an essentially basic experience – a queue for the cashier, a coffee served in a paper cup and a visually plain interior. These characteristics are shared by the vast —— . is launching its first luxury coffeehouse in Yorkville, Toronto’s classiest entertainment district. ——– is a novel coffeehouse concept offering high-quality Italian-style gourmet coffee and upscale service in a beautiful environment. The coffee shop mood and ambiance is tailored to the time of day. In the morning —- is bright, cozy and warm; at night the lighting scheme and music transform the atmosphere into a socialite haven and upper-class lounge.

The ——- concept has found favor in consumer eyes and has grown rapidly worldwide fueled by rave reviews and customer satisfaction. ——- , founded in 2007, which today has already over 30 stores and 70 employees, has grown internationally gaining popularity across Europe in countries such as Morocco, Cyprus, Spain, France, India and the United Arab Emirates.

——– is invested in the success of its brand and brings a wealth of expertise and resources to guide and establish —— in Canada. It is anticipated that ———- Cafe & Lounge in Yorkville will be hugely successful and plans are currently in place to establish an additional three — in Toronto within six months.

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