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Food/Restaurant Business Plan Example

Business Plan Example

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 Executive Summary

This document outlines the proposed business activities of Company Inc.(“the Company”) and provides a comprehensive overview of the industry sector and market segments in which it operates. The business is to be structured as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation that will be operated and owned by Ms. The Client.

The company will sell security and fire alarm and surveillance systems to residential, commercial and institutional customers in sub-Saharan Africa. By focusing on developing and emerging markets the start-up intends to avoid the competitive forces which make competing in developed markets an exceptionally difficult proposition.

Company will partner with distributers of Honeywell, Bosch, and ADT to resell systems through direct marketing and online sales channels, where service availability permits. A small portion of inventory will be stored in Canada, with the rest of the product shipped directly to the customer by the distributer once a trade relationship is established. The systems will be installed and maintained by subcontractors in regional markets.  Using a web-driven sales model will eliminate the costs associated with more costly and easily compromised marketing materials, going directly to the inboxes, SMS and social media clients heavily utilized by clients.

Company intends to begin operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”), with plans to expand to neighbouring Rwanda and Republic of the Congo (“RC”) as its secondary and tertiary markets. These now-stable nations offer an attractive opportunity for commerce with a cumulative population of over 69 million people and a growing presence of foreign companies, focused on enhancing the countries infrastructures and establishing a retail and service presence. The opportunity however comes with its own set of risks; the same risks which make Company products so essential. High crime rates against citizens and property due to a largely low- income population, geographic vulnerability to natural disasters and almost non-existent emergency response facilities mean the citizens themselves are first responders.

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