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Equipment/Expansion Business Plan Example

Business Plan Example

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 Executive Summary

This document outlines the proposed business activities of Company Inc. (“the Company”) and provides a comprehensive overview of the industry sector and market segments within which it operates. The business is structured as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation and is jointly operated and owned by Dr. and Mrs. XXXXXXX

  • Company Inc. develops and designs specialty optical fibers for fiber-optic sensors applications.
  • Company Inc.’s product range consists largely of three types of speciality fiber; low-birefringence fiber, fiber with metallized coating and elliptical-core fiber products.
  • Client applications of Company Inc. products are found in projects for national defense, aerospace, oil and gas, telecommunications and energy sectors.
  • The enterprise is small but services a growing client base of over 250 multinational corporations, research organizations and government institutions in 24 countries.
  • A Toronto-based team of five manages operations with an additional three subcontractors in charge of manufacturing and quality assurance at a facility in Moscow, Russia.
  • The company is on track to exceed a $1,000,000 gross revenue projection by the end of fiscal 2013.
  • An additional $1.8M in revenue is expected by 2014 pending the company’s ability to meet production quotas.

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