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We deliver comprehensive strategic business plans, feasibility studies, market analysis and more, allowing you to get to business, fast. Regardless of what stage you are at and what size and scope of work you need done, Business Plan Experts can do it for you:

Painless and Fast in 5 days

An entrepreneur spends as much as 400 hours on a business plan. Let Us Help!

Business Loans & Commercial Mortgages

We help with Private Investors, Commercial Mortgages & Government Small Business Loans.

Here for you at All Times

Work directly with a Project Manager, who coordinates: experienced Researchers, financial Modelers and Writers.

We Miss Nothing

You can rely on us that your business plan will be proofed to perfection that gets the results you aim for.


Get your enterprise on the way with a business plan written by experts, and fast.
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Your situation is unique. The plan should be tailored to your specific needs and the market conditions at the moment. This is what we are best at. With a hand on the pulse, we don’t miss a heartbeat and have you covered. On this journey we take no shortcuts. You go on the fast lane, instead. We watch the road.

Level 1

Basic Level Business Plan with 7 main parts

$1200 - $1500

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Level 2

Common Business Plan consists of 12 parts

$2500 - $3200

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Level 3

Enterprise Level Business Plan, comes with 22 parts

$3500 - $5000

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Plan Creation Blog

How it worksIn 3 Easy Steps

We understand your situation and respond in timely manner. Keeping business plan writing fast and easy is our priority. With over 1500 plans created, we know how to create right plan for specific purpose.

You will provide us with initial data and all available for us information/project notes. Everything else will be gathered and researched by us.

We will prepare first version of your future business plan. Draft version will be prepared and reviewed together. All comments and concerns will be addressed at this stage.

Review of final version and pre-release final changes. You business plan is adjusted and released at this stage.

Why UsLet Us Explain

What we are is what we do, which is assisting Canadian entrepreneurs with marketing, strategic, and business planning. We are a Canadian owned and operated Corporation, and our job is to pave your way to success. In just several days our expert business analysts can do a thorough Market Analysis and in as little as 5-7 days we can produce a solid, winning Business, Marketing, or Financial Plan for startups or existing businesses..

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J. G. and the team

“Saved more than half on commercial mortgage rate” The mortgage on my downtown car-shop was coming up for renewal. I was surprised to find out my rate was going UP and that had to do a $5,000 environmental inspection, even though we’ve been here since 199X! At this point I went to get a second opinion from Business Plan Experts.

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